Infectious-disease physician Céline Gounder ’97
Bill Wadman

Infectious-disease physician Céline Gounder ’97 said America’s decision to accept 150,000 deaths from COVID a year is a moral failing that abandons “elderly people, people who are immunocompromised or who have disabilities, communities of color, and other high-risk groups.” — The Atlantic
John H. Eichhorn ’69 said when his favorite teacher at Princeton told him he’d likely never succeed as a creative writer, he switched majors, setting in motion a career in medicine and safety standards during which he helped virtually eliminate anesthesia accidents. — The Wall Street Journal
Investigative journalist Barton Gellman ’82 said Republicans will impeach President Joe Biden if they win control over the House in the midterm elections. — The Atlantic
Ralph DeNunzio ’53, who was once chairman of the New York Stock Exchange and the securities firm Kidder, Peabody & Company — and donated funding for Princeton’s pool — died at age 90. — The New York Times
As The Secret History trends on TikTok, writer Lili Anolik ’00 discussed the novel’s impact on her when she was 14: It made her want “to go to an elite school with an illustrious tradition and a pastoral landscape.” — El Pais

“Our public spaces are becoming more inclusive of more people, and our children’s literature needs to reflect these shifts. Our stories tell us who matters enough to write about. Our stories shape our imaginations. Our stories tell us who belongs.”

— Amy Julia Becker ’98, writing about finding a dearth of children’s books about characters with disabilities when she sought books for her daughter, who has Down syndrome. — TIME

Andrea Campbell ’04 is in the lead to be elected attorney general in Massachusetts, where she’s running as a Democrat. — WBUR
With the other co-owners of the Kansas City Current, Chris Long ’97 has been investing in facilities and players — and it paid off with a trip to this year’s title game. — The Philadelphia Inquirer
Producer Howard Gordon ’84’s new crime drama, “Accused,” is scheduled for release in January on Fox. — Collider
Actress Brooke Shields ’87 discussed going to Princeton, how it gave her a sense of self and power in the entertainment industry: “…they couldn’t manipulate me the way they had in the past.” — Yahoo!

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