New Yorker editor David Remnick ’81 speaks at Class Day in 2013. Remnick recently co-published a new anthology titled “The Matter of Black Lives” with New Yorker writer Jelani Cobb.
Princeton University, Office of Communications, Denise Applewhite

Larry Trachtenberg ’76 ran in the very first New York City Marathon before going on to run for Princeton, and he’s running again in the 50th NYC marathon this year. — The New York Times
George Washington University law professor Paul Schiff Berman ’88 said the new Texas Heartbeat Act is creating some confusion for the legal system. It’s difficult to figure out who can sue who, since it’s not the government enforcing abortion restrictions, but citizens. — WIS News 10
The Philippine Court of Appeals is allowing journalist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa ’86 to travel to the United States in November to lecture at the Harvard Kennedy School in Boston. Ressa has been denied overseas travel while facing charges from the government that her publication, Rappler, has criticized. — Rappler

“We should be able to make progress on these issues — to increase parental choice in education, pursue smart and environmentally friendly energy policies, and provide targeted, fiscally responsible support to workers who need it — but today’s media environment discourages people from coming together on these issues.”

— Carrie Lukas ’95, president of the Independent Women’s Forum. — The Exponent Telegram

New Yorker editor David Remnick ’81 worked on The Matter of Black Lives, a new anthology of New Yorker articles about Black life in America, with Jelani Cobb, a writer for the magazine. — Seattle Times
Republican Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher ’06 asked why the National Institutes of Health haven’t been more forthcoming about taxpayer-funded research on a coronavirus by EcoHealth Alliance. — Fox News
As the Coco Dance Festival in Trinidad and Tobago goes online due to the pandemic, co-director Sonja Dumas ’86 said the festival’s leaders are “heartened by the 50-percent uptick in applications.” — Trinidad and Tobago Newsday
Michelle Obama ’85 will make a guest appearance as herself in the final season of the NBC comedy Blackish. — NBC News