MIT philosophy professor Kieran Setiya *02’s book “Life Is Hard” offers guidance for living an ethical life in hard times.
Courtesy of MIT; photo by Bryce Vickmark

In his new book, Life Is Hard, MIT philosophy professor Kieran Setiya *02 pushes against the pursuit of a perfect, happy life and offers alternatives that are less rosy but perhaps have more meaning. — The New York Times
Princeton emeritus professor of economics Burton Malkiel *64’s perspective on individual investors hasn’t changed in 50 years since he published A Random Walk Down Wall Street: He sides with passive over active investing. — The Wall Street Journal

Attorney Lee L. Kaplan ’73 decided to run for mayor of Houston, Texas, in 2023 because of the “maddening difficulty of dealing with the City bureaucracy.” — Houstonia
At a ceremony unveiling a statue of Abigail Adams, Harvard professor Danielle Allen ’93 said Adams “had a deeper understanding of the moral foundation for this country than any other member of the founding generation.” — WHDH
Writer Alexis Okeowo ’06 is part of MILK, a production in Los Angeles this week where the Institute of Art and Olfaction and dance theatre company Volta use scent along with dance, oration, and sound to tell a story. — Broadway World
Verge Genomics has begun a human clinical trial for the ALS drug it developed using artificial intelligence, said co-founder and CEO Alice Zhang ’10. — The Financial Times
GreenFaith director Rev. Fletcher Harper ’85, with Cynthia Scharf, laid out advice for decision-makers to take an approach to removing carbon from the atmosphere that’s guided by ethics and justice. — Fortune

“If you live in New Zealand, where there’s lots of hydro and geothermal power, electric cars pollute less. But in America, your ‘zero-emission vehicle’ adds lots of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere.”

— Conservative commentator John Stossel ’69 listing three “inconvenient facts” about electric cars. — The Daily Independent

 Actress Ellie Kemper ’02 was among the celebrities who ran this year’s New York City marathon. Her time was 5:17:39. — The New York Times
Conservative Bloomberg columnist Ramesh Ponnuru ’95 laid out five reasons why the overturning of Roe v. Wade might not give Democrats the boost they’re hoping for. — The Washington Post
Former Australian treasury minster Martin Parkinson *90 is one of three people being tapped to investigate criminal abuse of Australia’s immigration system. — ABC

Actor and author David Duchovny ’82 spoke about his new comedy, The Estate, in which he plays “a sleazy app developer.” — Los Angeles Magazine
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos ’86 is reportedly interested in buying the Washington Commanders NFL team, possibly with recording artist Jay-Z. — The Washington Post

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