Anne Case *88, Princeton professor of economics and public affairs, emeritus
Princeton University, Office of Communications, Nick Donnoli (2017)

New research by Princeton economists Anne Case *88 and Angus Deaton shows life expectancy for people with a college degree is about eight years longer than for those without one. — The New York Times
Journalist and author Liza Mundy ’82 discussed her new book, The Sisterhood: The Secret History of Women at the CIA, (due out Oct. 17) about how women in the CIA progressed from fearing each other to secretly mentoring each other. — Politico
Presidential candidate Cornel West *80 has decided not to seek the Green Party’s nomination as planned, but to run as an independent. In a text message, he said: “I am a jazz man in politics and the life of the mind who refuses to play only in a party band!” — The New York Times
Writer and cultural critic Katie Roiphe *95 dissected the cultural taboo against older women who date younger men and why the term “cougar” is still tolerated. — The Wall Street Journal
Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell ’04 created a Reproductive Justice Unit in her office to address maternal health disparities and protect access to abortion, gender-affirming care, and more. — WWLP
In his fifth season as the Rays’ process and analytics coach, Jonathan Erlichman ’12 “has emerged as yet another secret weapon in Tampa Bay’s run of success.” — USA Today
Lew Lukens ’86 *03, a senior partner at Signum Global Advisors, said there’s still a chance a “dark horse” candidate could swoop into the Republican presidential race, especially as “Donald Trump’s legal issues starting to pile up on him.” — CNBC
Rochester Institute of Technology president David Munson *79 said the school houses the nation’s longest-standing cybersecurity degree program, which is why Google awarded it a $500,000 grant through its $20 million collaboration with university cybersecurity clinics. — WHEC

“Francis has the power to confront Beijing. Truth, combined with the fearlessness to speak it, is fatal to every ideology of oppression.”

— Wisconsin congressman Mike Gallagher ’06, criticizing Pope Francis in an op-ed for striking a deal with the Chinese Communist Party instead of holding it accountable for the genocide of Uyghurs and other atrocities. — The Washington Post

 Former ISRO scientist and aerospace engineer Nambi Narayanan *79 is mentoring children at a Montessori preschool run by his daughter. — ETV Bharat
After researching the killing of writer Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Howard University roommate, University of Mississippi English and Southern Studies professor Adam Gussow ’79 *00 criticized Coates for leaving out details when he tells the story and constructing “a narrative shaped to the purpose of indicting the antiblack violence he locates at the heart of American whiteness.” — Quillette
Caltech chemical engineer and Nobel winner Frances Arnold ’79 praised photographer Herlinde Koelbl, who took portraits of Nobel winners writing their scientific work on the palms of their hands. Arnold sketched a graph of “evolutionary optimization.” — Forbes

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