Mellody Hobson '91 speaks at Alumni Day in 2019. The new Hobson College will be named after her.
Princeton University, Office of Communications, Denise Applewhite

Toronto-based human rights lawyer Annamie Paul *01 became the first elected Black leader of a major federal party in her country, the Green Party of Canada. — CBC News
Former Princeton football captain and Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich ’79 is among those who pushed for the return of high school sports in Annapolis during the pandemic. Use common sense, he said, “but get back to living.” — The Capital Gazette
Dr. Leonid Kruglyak ’87, chair of the department of Human Genetics at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, said a new 24-hour method of testing for COVID-19 “has the potential to expand testing capacity to the scale required for pandemic suppression.” — UCLA Health

Princeton professors Anne Case *83 *88 and Angus Deaton worked on a survey that found found older adults in the U.S. report less pain than the middle-aged — but the trend was largely confined to people with less than a bachelor’s degree. — National Institute on Aging
University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel ’79 is continuing diversity and inclusion initiatives, even as some universities pause after an executive order saying federal funds can’t be used “to promote race or sex stereotyping or scapegoating.” Schlissel said the initiatives are “critical to much-needed action to create equitable economic and social opportunities for all members of society.” — Campus Reform

“My hope is that my name will remind future generations of students — especially those who are Black and brown and the ‘firsts’ in their families — that they too belong.”

— Ariel Investments co-CEO and philanthropist Mellody Hobson ’91 in the University’s announcement that the new Hobson College will be built on the site of the former Wilson College. It is the first residential college at Princeton named after a Black woman. — The New York Times

Alabama Rep. Terri Sewell ’86 said she was shocked by the lack of diversity in U.S. spy agencies, both in the higher ranks and across the board. — ABC News
Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley ’80 is among the Pentagon officials quarantining after a top Coast Guard official tested positive for the coronavirus. — CNN
Entrepreneur Nell Diamond ’11’s “nap dress” style of Victorian-inspired gowns is taking off. — Yahoo!

Brooke Shields ’87 is joining the holiday romantic-comedy ranks, starring alongside Cary Elwes in an upcoming Netflix film, A Castle for Christmas. — Hollywood Reporter

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