Jacob Katz ’23 wrote about his pre-Princeton service in the Israel Defense Forces, describing what it was like watching Palestinian protestors at the border fence he was guarding, the same one Hamas fighters destroyed when they attacked Israel this month. — The Free Press
J. Miles Reiter ’71 plans to retire from his position as chairman and CEO of berry giant Driscoll’s and become executive chairman of the family-owned company. — The Produce News
UC Berkeley law professor Orin Kerr ’93 praised the Law School Admission Council’s decision to remove logic games from the LSAT, saying they don’t test the reasoning skills most central to being a lawyer. “Good riddance,” he wrote. — Reuters
In the championship game of the IPH Cup, Declan Farmer ’20 of the U.S. National Sled Hockey Team scored a hat trick against Canada to secure a 4-1 win. In the tournament, the team finished 5-0, outscoring its opponents 26-4. — Team USA
Republican Rep. Ken Buck ’81 said that for refusing to endorse Rep. Jim Jordan for House speaker, he received four death threats and was evicted from an office in his state of Colorado. — MSNBC
U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman ’77 is in talks to get Starbucks to buy coffee directly from Kenya rather than going through brokers. — Citizen Digital
Filmmaker Maggie Betts ’99 discussed her path to making the new film The Burial, six years after her period piece Novitiate was lauded at the Sundance Film Festival. — IndieWire
Rangers associate manager Will Venable ’05 declined an interview for a recent Mets’ managerial opening, saying: “I have a place that feels right for me and my family.” — The New York Post

“It’s important for everybody to understand how fast this is going to change. … It’s going to happen so fast. People are not going to adapt.”

— Former CEO and chairman of Google Eric Schmidt ’76, speaking with a Harvard Kennedy School professor about artificial intelligence. — The Harvard Gazette

 Michael Froman ’85, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, analyzed President Joe Biden’s speech tying together Israel and Ukraine, describing them as “representing really important principles about American democracy.” — CNBC
Independent presidential candidate Cornel West *80 defended but ultimately returned a maximum campaign donation of $3,300 to Republican megadonor Harlan Crow, after criticism about Crow’s controversial relationship with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. — The Hill
Brookings senior fellow Michael O’Hanlon ’82 *91 said moving aircraft carriers near Israel implies the U.S. would get involved if Hezbollah attacks Israel: “I hope we’re not on a slippery slope towards winding up at war with Hezbollah.” — Time magazine

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