Cosmologist James Peebles *62, seen here lecturing on campus in April 2018, is the ninth Princeton alumnus to be honored with a Nobel Prize in physics.
Mark Czajkowski, Office of Communications

Princeton professor emeritus and graduate alumnus James Peebles *62 was one of three scientists awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in physics for research that “transformed our ideas about the cosmos.” — The New York Times

Gen. Mark Milley ’80, who began his military career as an ROTC cadet at Princeton, was sworn in as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, making him the highest-ranking military officer in the country. — The New York Times
Lior Braunstein ’06an oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, is one of the leaders of ongoing research into whether the presence of the chemical NDMA in the heartburn medication Zantac is linked to an increased risk of cancer. — Los Angeles Times

“We all need to help each other, to sharpen our skills and soften our landings or jump-start a change for the better.”

— Former first lady Michelle Obama ’85, in her video message to participants at the Thrive conference for black alumni. Watch the full video.  

Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi ’95, a Democrat from Illinois and a member of the House Intelligence Committee, described the committee’s need to balance transparency with protecting national-security interests in the ongoing impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump. — NPR
In a recent opinion column, Harvard professor Danielle Allen ’93 writes that following the impeachment inquiry is akin to “a national version of jury duty.” — The Washington Post
After “we saw a quid pro quo on national television” in President Trump’s message to China, conservative commentator Ramesh Ponnuru ’95 said, the president’s defenders may have trouble claiming “no quid pro quo” in the Ukraine inquiry. — PBS NewsHour

Brookings Institution fellow and former Senate staffer Margaret L. Taylor ’97 argues in an opinion piece that House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff is “a stickler for process,” which should serve him well in the impeachment investigation. — The New York Times
Richard Land ’69, president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary and a member of the Trump campaign’s evangelical advisory board in 2016, recalled that he supported Mike Pence as a vice-presidential candidate to ensure evangelicals would “have a seat at the table” in Trump’s administration. — CNN
Economist Surjit Bhalla *72 *77 was appointed to become executive director for India on the board of the International Monetary Fund. — The Times of India
Forbes writes that billionaire MacKenzie Bezos ’92, who has pledged to donate half of her fortune to charities, is “an intensely private but talented woman who has, quietly, excelled at every stage of her life.” — Forbes
Princeton professor Maria Chudnovsky *03 said in a recent interview that working in mathematics offers “a lifetime of pleasure in working with its beauty.” — The Irish Times
Nneka Nwosu Faison ’05 is the new executive producer of WCVB Boston’s Chronicle, the country’s longest-running locally produced television news magazine. — The Bay State Banner
After more than 10 years as dean of William and Mary Law School, Davison M. Douglas ’78 will step down to return to the faculty. — William & Mary News
In an interview for the Ask a Harvard Professor podcast, economist Edward Glaeser ’88 explains how cities can be a major asset in addressing threats such as poverty and climate change. — Harvard Magazine
Carrie (Strickland) Dimoff ’05 placed 13th in the women’s marathon at the IAAF World Championships in Doha, Qatar, Sept. 27, finishing in a season-best 2:44.35 despite competing in temperatures that ranged from 85 to 90 degrees F. — The Oregonian
Will Venable ’05, who played baseball and basketball at Princeton and spent nine seasons in the major leagues as an outfielder, is on the shortlist of candidates to manage the Chicago Cubs. — NBC Sports Chicago