Princeton University Art Museum; “Martyrdom of Saint George,” 13th century and ca. 1918–22, French, pot-metal glass, Princeton University Art Museum, museum purchase, Trumbull-Prime Fund, in 1924.

Pat Holden, a preparator at the Princeton University Art Museum, examines the panels of a 13th-century stained-glass depiction of the martyrdom of Saint George that the museum has “deinstalled” as it prepares to begin construction of the new museum building, slated to open in 2024. About 53,000 objects — nearly half of the museum’s collection — need to be moved and stored before the project can begin, including more than 100 oversized and embedded objects such as the ancient Roman mosaics from Antioch. Members of the museum staff spoke about the process in an April 8 Zoom event, “How To Move a Museum.” Watch an archived version at