Speaking to a Nobel laureate, such as economist Paul Krugman, is among the items some seniors have listed on their Princeton to-do lists. (Photo: Beverly Schaefer)

By Sarah Xiyi Chen ’13 and Amy Olivero ’13  

Every senior on campus is now deep in the much-anticipated Post-Thesis Life, when they can sleep (or at least reduce coffee consumption by six cups), attend lectures by Paul Krugman and Anne-Marie Slaughter ’80, and finally get around to that “Princeton bucket list” created in the four years between walking through FitzRandolph Gate and running to turn in the senior thesis. 

The spectrum of activities on these lists is impressive: take a professor out for coffee, have a drink in Firestone Library, carve your name into a table at PJs Pancake House, or eat a meal at every eating club. The Daily Princetonian recommends that you read Brooke Shields ’87’s thesis in Mudd Library and “friend” beloved English professor and Rockefeller College master Jeff Nunokawa on Facebook. 

One senior, Ashley Eberhart ’13 created a blog (everycarewithdraw.weebly.com) to document her progress. The first item on her list? Visit Shirley Tilghman’s office hours to get more suggestions for her list. The outgoing president suggested both on- and off-campus activities such as attending a Princeton University Orchestra concert and visiting the Grounds for Sculpture in nearby Hamilton Township. 

Richard Youngblood ’13 was inspired by a reality show called Shaq Vs., in which former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal competed against professional athletes in their own fields. This idea evolved into his own version of a bucket list, which he called “Youngblood Vs.” “One day I was looking around Cap and Gown and realized that I won’t be around some of these really talented peers for much longer,” he said. 

So far, he has played a full squash match against national champion Todd Harrity ’13, run a 400-meter hurdle race against track athlete Joie Hand ’13, and sparred against the president of the campus judo and jiu-jitsu club, Peter Yu ’13.

The members of Colonial took a more group-oriented approach to checking off their bucket list ideas. According to member Ophelia Yin ’13, “[We] have a huge list right by our coat room — it isn’t senior-specific, but it reflects a lot of things people hope to do.” Using that list as a guide, members have participated in a flash mob in Frist, talked to a Nobel laureate, and walked down the canal towpath to Kingston.

As for the authors? Amy’s list included having a story published on campus, so here’s to another one checked off.