The University notified 2,282 students March 30 of their acceptance to the Class of 2015, 8.39 percent of the record 27,189 applicants. The rate was slightly higher than last spring, while peer institutions generally reported slightly lower admission rates (the lowest rates were reported by Harvard at 6.2 percent, Columbia at 6.9, Stanford at 7.1, and Yale at 7.4).

More than 10,000 applicants had a 4.0 GPA, and more than 14,000 had combined scores of 2100 or higher on the three sections of the SAT.  

Of the admitted students, 22 percent identified themselves as Asian-American; 9.8 percent as Hispanic or Latino; 9.1 percent as African-American; 5 percent as multiracial; and less than 1 percent as Native American. Men make up 50.7 percent; women, 49.3 percent. International students are 10.3 percent of those admitted. The University estimated that 60 percent of the incoming freshman class would receive financial aid.  

Children of alumni make up 9 percent of the admitted students, Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye said, compared to 10.1 percent a year ago. Twenty students will participate in the bridge-year program.