Princeton vs. Chicago, 1930 (Princeton University Archives, Princeton University Library)

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1. Which 19th-century Tiger set the school record for scoring with 62 touchdowns, 26 field goals, and 176 PATs?

A. Addison Kelly 1898

B. Knowlton “Snake” Ames 1890

C. Phil King 1894

2. John DeWitt 1904, captain of Princeton’s undefeated 1903 football squad, won an Olympic medal in this event.

A. Hammer throw

B. Shot put

C. Decathlon

3. Players from Princeton’s 1922 “Team of Destiny” played a 1926 New Year’s Day exhibition game against alumni from which school?

A. Notre Dame

B. Yale

C. Ohio State

4. These two Princeton linemen joined tailback Dick Kazmaier ’52 as first-team All-Americans in 1950.

A. Hollie Donan ’51 and Reddy Finney ’51

B. Frank McPhee ’53 and Alan Clark ’51

C. Brad Glass ’53 and Jack Bunnell ’51

5. Which lineman has appeared in more NFL games than any other former Tiger?

A. Caraun Reid ’14

B. Dennis Norman ’01

C. Carl Barisich ’73

6. Who holds the Princeton record for career interceptions?

A. Damani Leech ’98

B. Dean Cain ’88

C. Jay McCareins ’06

7. In 1992, a week after setting the school record with 299 rushing yards against Lafayette, Keith Elias ’94 ran for 273 yards against which team?

A. Lehigh

B. Holy Cross

C. Columbia

8. Which two players were the first Tigers to win the Asa S. Bushnell Cup for Ivy League Player of the Year in consecutive years?

A. Carl Barisich ’73 and Walt Snickenberger ’75

B. Jason Garrett ’89 and Judd Garrett ’90

C. Keith Elias ’94 and Dave Patterson ’96

9. This Princeton back broke Keith Elias ’94’s modern record for rushing touchdowns in a season.

A. Chuck Dibilio ’16

B. Charlie Volker ’19

C. John Lovett ’19

10. Which alumnus has won the most Ivy League titles as a Princeton head coach?

A. Charlie Caldwell ’25

B. Jake McCandless ’51 *52

C. Bob Surace ’90

ANSWERS: 1. B; 2. A; 3. A; 4. A; 5. C; 6. B; 7. A; 8. B; 9. C; 10. C.