Princeton’s walkways are embedded with history and trivia. View this set of images and answer the related questions to test your knowledge.

Scroll down for answers.

1. Classical quotation: The marker for this walk, named for a former Princeton president who also taught in the classics department, includes a passage by Socrates.

A. Shapiro Walk

B. Bowen Walk

C. Goheen Walk

2. Forgotten Princeton: A sign from the former Halsted Observatory rests near this dormitory, built on the spot where the observatory stood from 1867 to 1932.

A. Joline Hall

B. Holder Hall

C. Blair Hall

3. Rowers’ route: This marker dedicated to William Allen Butler 1876 points the way to Princeton’s boathouse. It’s located alongside this street, a primary part of the P-rade route.

A. Ivy Lane

B. Elm Drive

C. Faculty Road

4. Where flowers bloom: Class of 1975 Walk passes through this colorful campus spot, which used to be the president’s backyard.

A. Prospect Garden

B. Cannon Green

C. Poe Field

5. Getting in: The “YES!” in a walkway near Hargadon Hall is a nod to the opening line of acceptance letters from Fred Hargadon, the former dean of admission. Which was the last Princeton class admitted by Hargadon?

A. Class of 2003

B. Class of 2007

C. Class of 2011

ANSWERS: 1. C; 2. A; 3. B; 4. A; 5. B.