Photo: Denise Applewhite/Office of Communications
Photo: Denise Applewhite/Office of Communications

“Although these targets were not quotas per se, the dean’s office clearly intended that department chairs implement them, not simply recommend them.” — English professor Esther Schor

“I don’t think we can give students high grades just to lower their stress level.” — Physics professor Daniel Marlow

Photo: Tim Lee/The Signal/TCNJ

“If all my students deserve good grades, I should be the first one to know that, not somebody else establishing policy from beyond.” — Art and archaeology professor Jerome Silbergeld

Photo: Frank Wojciechowski

“If it’s to be left to departments, I would describe that as an act of despair ­— in other words, I think it’s giving up.” — Professor Stanley Katz, Woodrow Wilson School

Photo: Brandon Holt ’15

“I think the shift away from quotas will have a huge impact on the student body.” — Shawon Jackson ’15, USG president