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Silas Riener ’06 in r e v e a l (Photo: Michael Williams theImagista)

New work: r e v e a l, a new site-specific dance work by Silas Riener ’06 in collaboration with Rashaun Mitchell and Cori Kresge, is part of the River to River Festival and Water Street Pops! in Lower Manhattan

The artist: A former Merce Cunnigham company dancer, Riener and his partner and collaborator Rashaun Mitchell were listed in Dance Magazine’s 25 to watch list in 2013.
The dance: Riener, Mitchell, and Kresge collaborated on the gallery installation and performance Veal, which Riener choreographed and premiered in February. The material in r e v e a l is in part drawn from explorations that were part of that work. According to the festival website, r e v e a l includes “transformation, nature, magic, latex, flaying, ecstasy, skin, hair, creatures, monsters, fantasy, aggression, impulses, the future, peristalsis, masks, perception, articulation, control, freedom, exertion, underwater trees, silk, minotaurs, semiotics, aliens, animals, sorcery, urgency, agency, fluency, and the translational acts of communicating through space and movement.”
Location and dates: July 3, 5, 6 at 1:30 p.m. at the Elevated Acre at 55 Water Street in Manhattan. Admission is free.
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