Is free speech on campus making a comeback? Purdue president Mitch Daniels ’71 hopes so. — The Weekly Standard

Biological threats should “remain at the top of the national security agenda,” writes Laura Holgate ’87, a former special assistant to President Barack Obama. — The Hill

Jerrauld Jones ’76 was featured in The New York Times Magazine’s story about black students who integrated the South’s elite boarding schools in the 1960s and ’70s. — The New York Times Magazine

Mun Choi *92, who became president of the University of Missouri system earlier this year, is working to regain trust from supporters around the state. — St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Google is a generous backer of think tanks, but the money comes with strings attached, according to a recent op-ed by Jonathan Taplin ’69.The New York Times 

George Parros ’03, once known as one of the NHL’s most fearsome fighters, will lead the league’s department of player safety. — Sporting News

From building sailboats to racing them, Rod Johnston ’58 has a passion for testing his mettle at sea. — CBS News

S.C. Gwynne ’74, a biographer of Stonewall Jackson, says Confederate monuments ought to come down: “If there ever was a time to defend those statues, that time has passed.” — The Dallas Morning News

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