Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley ’80 speaks during a 9/11 observance ceremony on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Speaking at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, Gen. Mark Milley ’80, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, said that Americans have a “solemn duty” to honor and remember the nearly 3,000 who died in the attacks, and that the sacrifices people made in the nation’s response were “not in vain.” — Fox News

Book critic Carlos Lozada *97 analyzed the mountain of books written about 9/11, commenting that in the attacks’ aftermath, “Washington fantasized about remaking the world in its image, only to reveal an ugly image of itself to the world.” — The Washington Post
The Nation’s editorial director and publisher, Katrina vanden Heuvel ’81, wrote in an opinion piece that the global war on terror “generates more terrorists than it kills,” and we in the U.S. should respect international law by not holding ourselves above it. — Independent Australia
Nicholas Rasmussen *90, executive director of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, said we need to evolve our counterterrorism strategies into a “whole-of-society” approach that includes state and local governments, the private sector, academia, and more. — Just Security
Boston voters will decide in a preliminary election today whether Andrea Campbell ’04 will be one of two mayoral candidates on the ballot in November. Half a dozen people are running, and those in the lead — including Campbell — are all women of color. — The Washington Post
Howard Gordon ’84, executive producer/showrunner of the television series 24, discussed how 9/11 influenced the show, including “how I think we, the writers, really got to unconsciously express our anger at the terrorists and at the bureaucracy.” — Deadline

“When you used a blunt instrument of war to intervene in something so complicated, you wind up with all kinds of perverse consequences. You wind up siding with warlords who are, in some cases, worse than the Taliban. You wind up killing people and engendering hatred towards your forces.”

— Pakistani novelist Mohsin Hamid ’93 reflecting on the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. — NPR

Taleeb Noormohamed ’98 is running as a liberal again for the Canadian Parliament seat from Vancouver’s Granville district. In 2019 he came in second place for the seat. — Vancouver is Awesome
Science writer Joel Achenbach ’82 said he remains a UFO skeptic even after a U.S. intelligence report this summer confirmed pilots have seen mysterious objects, and said enthusiasm among UFO proponents “is strikingly reminiscent of how the UFO mythology began in 1947.” — The Washington Post
In commenting on the new Netflix series The Chair, centered on the English department of a fictional liberal arts college, columnist Philip Martin noted actor David Duchovny ’82 pulls out his Princeton thesis. “There's something delicious in Duchovny playing himself in this situation,” Martin wrote. — Arkansas Democrat Gazette

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