In a new study, Brown University doctoral student Catherine Ettman ’13 found the number of Americans experiencing symptoms of depression has nearly tripled during the COVID-19 pandemic. The levels are higher than past large-scale traumas like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. — NPR

Keith Hansen *87 has been named the World Bank’s country director for Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, and Uganda. Previously he was vice president for human development. — CIO East Africa
Planned Parenthood president Alexis McGill Johnson ’93 discussed the intersection between women’s reproductive health and racial equality, and how her organization is preparing for the November election. — The Hill

“So this sweet, genteel lady felled trees in the forest as a slave laborer, was targeted by the NKVD to serve as a spy, and escaped the Soviet Union hidden in a suitcase — all by the time she was 21. Yet my mother was not a bitter or cynical person. Just the opposite.”

— Stuart Rabner ’82, chief justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court, telling his mother’s story of surviving the Holocaust. —

New York Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett ’89 started his first season in his new job this week after 10 years as the Dallas Cowboys’ head coach. — Newsday
Dean Cain ’88 will play former FBI agent Peter Strzok in the film Obamagate, planned for release on YouTube in October, that will spotlight alleged corruption in the FBI. — Fox News
Ethan Coen ’79 and his brother Joel wrote a remake of the film Scarface that is currently in development. — ScreenRant
The New Yorker poked fun at Jeff Bezos ’86 with a faux list of his charitable contributions, including to “Big Bald Brothers of America” and “Space.” — The New Yorker