Michelle Williams ’84, then dean of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, speaks at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Jan. 18, 2023.
AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

Harvard epidemiologist Michelle Williams ’84 co-wrote in an op-ed that despite all the research into long COVID, no one seems to have observed the simple truth: It’s not new, but rather “virtually indistinguishable from the condition long known in the medical lexicon as post-infectious syndrome.” — STAT News
Denrick Kimathi Cooper ’09, director of international emergency medicine at Ochsner Health, discussed his path to working on equity in medicine, including the influence of his two grandmothers who were nurses in Jamaica. — New Orleans Magazine

Actor Jarrod Spector ’03 is taking the role of King George III in the musical Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City. — Broadway World
Before the end of the month, former hedge fund manager David McCormick *94 *96 plans to announce he’s running again for a U.S. Senate seat from Pennsylvania. Last year he lost in a primary to Mehmet Oz, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump. — Reuters

The UFOs sighted by pilots aren’t extraterrestrial, but rather can be identified as “planes, balloons, drones, weather phenomena and instrument features,” said David Spergel ’82, chair of NASA’s UAP independent study team, which issued a report of its findings. — The Washington Post
In an op-ed, Colorado Rep. Ken Buck ’81 criticized Republicans who want to impeach President Joe Biden, writing that they’re “relying on an imagined history.” — The Washington Post

“The assertion that dressing up is silly, frivolous, and negatively feminine is embedded in the deep misogyny, homophobia, and self-loathing that we all learn and suffer from. That took a while for me to understand and unpack because that’s where I started. That’s where we all start, I think.”

— Theater producer, LGBTQ+ philanthropist, and “gender-bending fashion fixture” Jordan Roth ’97. — Interview Magazine

 Fantasy novelist Sarah Beth Durst ’96’s upcoming book series The Spellshop — described as “cosy cottage core” — has been signed by the publisher Tor UK. “It really is a warm hug of a novel,” the publishing director said. — The Bookseller
Charif Shanahan ’05’s Trace Evidence and Monica Youn ’93’s From From both appear on a longlist for the 2023 National Book Award for Poetry that’s full of “contenders that reckon with the violence of imperialist ambitions.” — The New Yorker
Pulitzer-Prize-winning author Richard Kluger ’56 said his latest novel, Hamlet’s Children, set in Denmark during World War II, is “a parable about how do you save your self-respect when you are a small peace-loving society that gets overrun by your monstrous neighbor.” — The Jewish Standard
Paramount+ released a trailer for the prequel film Pet Semetary: Bloodlines, starring David Duchovny ’82, set to be released Oct. 6. — Digital Spy

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