The proposed site for the new home for quantum science and engineering.
Graphic: Mecanoo / Hammel, Green & Abrahamson / Princeton University

Princeton intends to expand its science facilities south of Ivy Lane with a new home for quantum science and engineering across the street from the forthcoming Environmental Studies and School of Engineering and Applied Science (ES and SEAS) complex. The University submitted an application to the Municipality of Princeton in December and was scheduled to present its concept plan for the project to the planning board on Feb. 15, after this issue of PAW went to press.

The proposed “Quantum Institute for Quantum Science & Engineering” would include teaching and research facilities on the property between Princeton Stadium and FitzRandolph Road, which includes Clarke and Strubing fields, where the baseball and softball teams play. Both teams will relocate to the Meadows Neighborhood, on the other side of Lake Carnegie, according to project documents.

Quantum science and engineering has been identified as a University priority in recent years, with the creation of the Princeton Quantum Initiative, directed by electrical and computer engineering professor Andrew Houck ’00, and the addition of a Ph.D. program in quantum science and engineering.

Over the next five years, the University will make $50 million in voluntary payments to the Municipality of Princeton and local community organizations, according to a Jan. 30 announcement. The contributions will be used for improvements and repairs to sewers, a local shuttle bus service, fire-department vehicles, and other initiatives. The University also will support programs that address housing and homelessness and fund college scholarships for low-income graduates of Princeton High School.