Frank Wojciechowski

A billboard-size, black-and-white photograph of an unmade bed with indentations on the pillows suggests two people, now gone. The work — “Untitled” by the Cuban-born American artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957-1996) — is installed in front of the PRINCETON UNIVERSITY ART MUSEUM through Dec. 16. The image also was installed on 11 other billboards in the area. “Untitled,” which evokes intimacy, grief, and loss, was created in 1991, the year the artist’s partner died of AIDS. 

GREEK LIFE at Princeton is alive and well despite the University’s ban on freshman rush. “We’re back,” said Will Hicks ’15, former president of Kappa Alpha Order, which took 18 new pledges this fall. After a one-year lull in recruitment caused by implementation of the ban, sophomores led a rush turnout that matched pre-ban levels: 150 female and 141 male students joined the three sororities and 11 fraternities on campus. Unlike past years, most students who rushed already knew which organization they wanted to join and often did so in groups of two or three close friends, fraternity leaders said.