The percentage of A AND A+ GRADES given to undergraduates rose from 27 percent in 2014–15 (when Princeton reversed its “grade-deflation” policy) to more than 30 percent in 2016–17. The percentage of A- grades stayed about the same, while grades of B+, B, and B- decreased, according to figures compiled by the Office of the Dean of the College. 

“Increased grade compression at the top of the grading scale,” the office said in a report, “makes it challenging to distinguish among our best students when awarding honors and prizes at both the University and department levels.”

The grade-point average across all courses rose from 3.390 in 2014–15 to 3.435 last year, with humanities courses compiling the highest average GPA and natural sciences the lowest.

Several student groups are participating in DISASTER-RELIEF EFFORTS. As of early October, students affiliated with Princeton for Puerto Rico had raised $6,500 to help rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria, and the Princeton University Mexican Student Association (PUMSA) had raised about $5,300 for earthquake-relief efforts in Mexico. (Both groups have set up Venmo accounts for donations: For PUMSA, send to @pu-mexhelp with the title mexdonation. For Princeton for Puerto Rico, send to diego-negronreichard.)

In addition, 10 students plan to travel to Houston during fall break with the Center for Jewish Life to join volunteer work following Hurricane Harvey.