A new scholarship established by nine alumni in honor of Supreme Court Justice SONIA SOTOMAYOR ’76 will be awarded to Princeton students who are the first in their families to attend college and have demonstrated a commitment to service.

A Princeton spokesman said the scholarship will fully fund one student’s tuition, room, and board for one year, with a goal of funding one student in each class. 

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS at Princeton and other universities have been unable to begin their summer jobs because of delays processing their work authorizations by Citizenship and Immigration Services. Some job offers have been rescinded, students have said. 

In a letter in The Daily Princetonian, students asked the University to help resolve the problem, which involves a program called Optional Practical Training (OPT). OPT allows international students to work for up to a year in a field related to their studies. The New York Times reported that a lag in processing the authorizations was expected to last up to five months. 

In a letter to students, Dean of the College Jill Dolan said Princeton was unable to offer a curricular program that would allow another avenue for work authorization. However, the University has asked academic departments and administrative offices to consider offering more on-campus internships, which would not require special authorization.

Eighteen professors are transferring to EMERITUS STATUS after a combined total of nearly 500 years on the faculty:

KOFI AGAWU, music, 21 years

ILHAN AKSAY, chemical and biological engineering, 26 years

R. DOUGLAS ARNOLD, politics and the Woodrow Wilson School, 45 years

EMILY A. CARTER, mechanical and aerospace engineering, applied and computational mathematics, and dean of the engineering school, 15 years

THOMAS FUNKHOUSER, computer science, 21 years

MARTIN GILENS, politics and the Woodrow Wilson School, 15 years

CAROL GREENHOUSE, anthropology, 18 years

HENDRIK HARTOG, history,  27 years

N. JEREMY KASDIN ’85, mechanical and aerospace engineering, 20 years

ANDREA LAPAUGH, computer science, 38 years

ANSON RABINBACH, history,  23 years

HARVEY ROSEN, economics,  45 years

JORGE SARMIENTO, geosciences, 39 years

DAVID SPERGEL ’82, astrophysical sciences, 32 years

JACQUELINE ILYSE STONE, religion, 29 years

JAMES STONE, astrophysical sciences, 16 years

ERIC WOOD, civil and environmental engineering, 43 years

VIRGINIA ZAKIAN, molecular biology, 24 years