The 2019–20 ANNUAL GIVING campaign raised nearly $66.3 million, the fourth-highest total in the University’s history. The 25th-reunion Class of 1995 led the way, raising $12.7 million — a record for any class — followed by the 50th-reunion Class of 1970, which donated $7.4 million. The Class of 1992 raised the highest total among non-major-reunion classes ($1.5 million), while the Class of 1963 led participation, with 74.5 percent of class members contributing. Graduate alumni and parents each donated more than $2.3 million.

Princeton suspended Annual Giving solicitations for nearly three months due to the coronavirus pandemic and related economic uncertainties. More than 31,000 undergraduate alumni made donations, a participation rate of 47.8 percent, down from 55.4 percent in 2018–19. 

Seven new members joined Princeton’s Board of Trustees July 1:

JACKSON A. ARTIS ’20, the Class of 2020’s young alumni trustee, is pursuing a master’s degree in space-systems engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

PETER BRIGER JR. ’86 is co-chief executive officer of Fortress Investment Group in San Francisco.

JANERIA A. EASLEY *16, elected as an alumni trustee, is an assistant professor in the Department of African American Studies at Emory University.

PAUL MAEDER ’75 is a founder and general partner at Highland Capital Partners.

SARAH STEIN ’97 is a managing partner at Hall Capital Partners LLC.

CARLA VERNÓN ’92 is a former executive at General Mills and an adviser to natural-products startups.

MELISSA H. WU ’99, elected as an alumni trustee, is chief executive officer of the nonprofit Education Pioneers.

Maeder and Stein will serve eight-year terms as charter trustees; the others will serve four-year terms. 

Princeton School of Public and International Affairs faculty voted in July to require Master in Public Affairs (MPA) students to take at least one half-term course exploring DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION. Graduate students supported the requirement in a demonstration at Wallace Hall in February and in a petition sent to administrators in June. According to a news release, the University has begun a larger review of the MPA core curriculum.