NASSAU HALL will be surrounded by scaffolding and fencing this summer during work to replace the slate roof, restore the cupola, resurface the cupola’s four clocks, and improve safety systems. The project is expected to continue through March. During the restoration, the bronze tigers next to the front steps will be boxed for protection.

Fifteen professors are transferring to EMERITUS STATUS, combining for more than 400 years on the faculty:

FRANK P. CALAPRICE, physics, 48 years

SARAH JANE FLINT, molecular biology, 41 years

JOHN FREDERICK HALDON, history, 13 years

GILBERT HARMAN, philosophy, 53 years

ROBERT A. KASTER, classics, 21 years

ELLIOT H. LIEB, mathematics, 42 years

MANUEL-ANGEL G. LOUREIRO, Spanish and Portuguese, 17 years

FRANÇOIS M. M. MOREL, geosciences, 24 years

THOMAS ROMER, politics and the Woodrow Wilson School, 27 years 

GERTRUD MARIA SCHÜPBACH, molecular biology, 28 years

ALEXANDER JOHN SMITS, mechanical and aerospace engineering, 37 years 

JEFFREY LEE STOUT *76, religion, 41 years

GANG TIAN, mathematics, 16 years

EDMUND V. WHITE, Lewis Center for the Arts, 19 years

CHRISTIAN WILDBERG, classics, 22 years