Seven new members, including former Brown University president RUTH ­SIMMONS, joined the University’s Board of Trustees July 1.

Simmons, who retired as Brown’s president June 30, also has served as president of Smith College and held several administrative positions at Princeton. Others joining the board are: 

JAIME AYALA ’84, the founder of Hybrid Social Solutions and SunTransfer, which provide rural communities with solar products for access to electricity, water, and other essential services.

ANGELA GROVES ’12, elected as young alumni trustee. A residential-college adviser and Community Action leader at Princeton, she will teach high school math through Teach for America and hopes to become a civil-rights lawyer.

ROBERT HUGIN ’76, the chairman, CEO, and president of ­Celgene Corp., a global biopharmaceutical company. He is vice chairman of the Annual ­Giving committee. 

LAURENCE MORSE *80, the founder and CEO of the private-equity investment management firm Fairview Capital Partners. He has served as a director of the Princeton University Investment Co. (Princo).

PETER WENDELL ’72, the founder and a managing director of Sierra Ventures, a venture-capital fund. Wendell, a Princo director from 1998 to 2008, is the donor of a Whitman ­College dorm.

JOHN WYNNE ’67, the past president and CEO of Landmark Communications Inc. He became chairman of the Annual Giving committee July 1.

Hugin and Wendell will serve eight-year terms as charter trustees; the others will serve four-year terms.

Leaving the board June 30 were Katherine Brittain Bradley ’86, Christopher Cole ’81, Stephen Oxman ’67, Meaghan Petersack ’08, Michael Porter ’69, Kavita Ramdas *88, and Gordon Wu ’58.