WOMEN’S GOLF star Kelly Shon ’14 tied for 37th place at the NCAA tournament May 24, the highest finish of any Ivy League golfer in event history. 

MEN’S HEAVYWEIGHT CREW finished fourth at the Eastern Sprints in Massachusetts May 19, while MEN’S LIGHTWEIGHT CREW took fifth.

Seventeen seniors were honored at the Princeton Varsity Club’s 2013 SENIOR AWARDS banquet May 30. Peter Callahan (track and cross country), Mike Catapano (football), Todd Harrity (squash), Ian Hummer (basketball), Mark Linnville (soccer), Matija Pecotic (tennis), and Jonathan Yergler (fencing) received the Roper Trophy, presented annually to Princeton’s top male athletes. Greta Feldman (track and cross country), Jen Hoy (soccer), Niveen Rasheed (basketball), Eliza Stone (fencing), Katie Reinprecht (field hockey), Heidi Robbins (crew), and Kathleen Sharkey (field hockey) received the von Kienbusch Award, given to the top female athletes. Mechanical and aerospace engineering major Rory Loughran (men’s swimming and diving) was given the Class of 1916 Cup as the varsity athlete with the highest academic standing. Ben Foulon (sprint football) and Kathy Qu (women’s swimming and diving) received the Art Lane Award for selfless contribution to sport and society.