Ron Saari
University eyes educational uses

The Springdale Golf Club, which saw its first tee shots in 1902, is a potential site for student housing or academic buildings, Princeton officials say. “In the long term, we believe it will be converted to support the educational mission,” University vice president and secretary Robert Durkee ’69 said at a September meeting with town officials and residents.

Springdale’s proximity to the central campus, Forbes College, the Graduate College, and the future location of the Lewis Center for the Arts makes it an attractive location for development, said Cyndi Rottenburg-Walker, a consultant for the University’s 2026 Campus Plan. The new plan is expected to be complete by next summer.

In 1895, the Princeton Golf Club was formed by Princeton alumni, faculty, and undergraduates. It opened for play in 1902, and the University took ownership in 1909. In 1922, Springdale took over operation of the 101-acre club, and the name was officially changed to Springdale Golf Club. The club’s lease with Princeton expires in 2036, but includes a provision that allows the University to end it Dec. 31, 2026, if it chooses.