Except for repairs after a 1987 fire, Terrace Club has changed little since the 1920s. But the clubhouse is showing signs of wear, and Terrace is preparing to launch a $3.5 million renovation campaign. 

“At some point you have to do the renovation so the building can continue to be ­sustainable,” said Terrace president Dimitris Papaconstantinou ’13, citing the club’s growing membership.

Sandy Harrison ’74, chairman of Terrace’s Board of Governors, said plans include expansion of the dining room and the terrace (shown in ­render­ing above), addition of an elevator, ­electrical and plumbing work, replacement of the roof, and installation of solar panels.

Much of the work is ­contingent on fundraising, Harrison said, but he was certain about one aspect of the renovation: “We do not want to change the ­exterior look. It will still be our Tudor-style clubhouse. We are not trying to do anything grandiose or change the character of it.”

Three alumni receptions have been held, and what Harrison described as “the largest gathering of Terrans in club history” attended a performance during Reunions at the clubhouse by Phil Lesh, a founding member of the Grateful Dead, and his sons Brian ’12, a Terrace member, and Grahame.

“We’re connecting to alumni and showing them that Terrace really ­hasn’t changed,” said Papaconstantinou.