In the two and a half weeks leading up to Reunions, PAW’s Twitter account (@pawprinceton) has been posting links to some of our favorite Reunions items from the archives, under the header “Things to know about #PrincetonReunions.”

Read below for the full list of tweets and links to the featured stories, videos, and audio clips. And remember to tag your weekend posts with the hashtag #PrincetonReunions.

Photo by T. Kevin Birch.


May 10: Tigers are both fun and funny

May 11: Long before YouTube and email, class promos came on vinyl

May 12: Class jackets aren’t just for Reunions

May 13: For some, there’s never an “off” year

May 14: The difference between the 5th and 50th tents

May 15: You’re never too old to meet new friends

May 16: Beer jackets have been in style for 100+ years http://ow.ly/kSZO2

May 17: Walking the P-rade is great; dancing to “Thriller” is better http://ow.ly/kSZRD

May 18: 29 alumni have carried the Class of ’23 Cane http://ow.ly/kT01d

May 19:  ♫ We’re halfway there… http://ow.ly/kT20N

May 20: What does “SOC” mean? Society of the Claw, of course http://ow.ly/kT0d3

May 21: Class books have loads of characters, plenty of plot http://ow.ly/kT0pl

May 22: Princeton - “a cult in a college’s clothing”? @gilbertjasono http://ow.ly/kT0E5

May 23: It’s a good place to get the band back together http://youtu.be/nUpedi4zrVc

May 24: Sub-4:00 miler R. Bannister once ran at Reunions track meet http://ow.ly/l1X0k

May 25: The Class of '70 skipped its first P-rade http://ow.ly/l1WJV

May 26: A brief history http://ow.ly/l3JUu

May 27: PAW readers have an eye for good photos http://ow.ly/l3Izo

May 28: Tents, yes, but lecture halls too http://ow.ly/l3HnO

May 29: Reuners travel by train, plane, car, bike… & kayak http://ow.ly/l3H6c