(PAW cover, Dec. 14, 1971)

A pair of Alexander Calder sculptures, on loan from the Fisher Family Collection, took up temporary residence outside the Princeton University Art Museum last week. The arrivals brought to mind the PAW cover at right, from Dec. 14, 1971, showing illustrator Arnold Roth’s vision of Picasso’s Head of a Woman, then located in front of the museum, with a few artistically comparable figures passing by.

The issue included a feature story about the John B. Putnam Jr. Memorial Collection, then nearing completion after two years of impressive installations. Works in the Putnam Collection are now familiar sights for those who have traversed the campus on a daily basis. They include Henry Moore’s Oval with Points, near Cannon Green; Clement Meadmore’s Upstart II, outside the E-Quad; and Princeton’s own Calder, Five Discs: One Empty, in Fine-Jadwin Plaza. To learn more about the collection, visit Campus Art Princeton, the Art Museum’s detailed online exploration of the works; and “A moving monument,” Gregg Lange ’70’s PAW history column about Head of a Woman.