Frank Wojciechowski

Student teams from the six residential colleges faced off April 3 in the fourth annual Tiger Chef Challenge in Dillon Gym. Each team had 45 minutes to prepare dishes that featured jackfruit, a high-protein plant that’s become popular as a meat substitute. 

Taking home the trophy was Butler College’s Bloomburgers with Fries team, above, which prepared four dishes: tacos with lemony jicama and jackfruit slaw; jackfruit fries; jackfruit smoothies with blueberries and mango; and a traditional Vietnamese dessert with jackfruit, lychee, mango, and apple topped with toasted jackfruit seeds. Selina Pi ’19 said the winning entry began with Butler College chef Christeen Griffiths’ idea for jackfruit tacos. “After that, it’s like improv,” Pi said.