Psychologist Daniel Gilbert *85's research on what makes us happy has earned the Harvard professor a range of admirers in academia and beyond, along with a spot on The New York Times best-sellers list (and a recent profile in PAW). This week, Gilbert debuted in a new role as the host of the PBS miniseries "This Emotional Life," a six-hour look at emotional health that ranges from improving social relationships to becoming more positive and resilient. The third and final program airs tonight.

"This Emotional Life" has received positive reviews: The New York Times said Gilbert "makes a genial host," and The Seattle Times chose Monday's installment as its top TV pick of the night. Those who missed the first two parts are in luck, according to The Boston Globe: " 'This Emotional Life' is a thoughtful and worthwhile program," the Globe said. "But if you're only going to watch part of it, the last night is the one that might actually make you happier."

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