Actor Mark Feuerstein ’93 has a reputation for playing nice guys on TV shows like Good Morning, Miami and The West WingTV Guide called him "the menschiest mensch who ever mensched" — and his latest role on USA Network's Royal Pains is no exception. As Hank Lawson, a doctor who makes house calls to the super-rich in the Hamptons, Feuerstein again shows off his friendly, caring side. "I could hold out for the scary-villain part on Heroes," the New York City native told TV Guide, "but in the long run it might not be as interesting as being the lead on a show set in a world that I know and love from growing up in New York, written by incredible writers and with incredible castmates."

The decision seems to be paying off: In addition to earning mostly favorable reviews, Royal Pains has been a ratings hit, ranking second among cable series in its first month and drawing more than 5.5 million viewers each week.

Feuerstein's acting career began at Princeton when he went to his first audition as a freshman. He soon drifted away from his dream of going to law school, and he earned a Fulbright scholarship to study drama in London after graduation. Most kids "grow up wanting to be a movie star and become a lawyer," he said in an interview with McClatchy Newspapers. "I grew up wanting to be a lawyer and became an actor."

(Photo courtesy USA Network)

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