With a fresh diploma from Harvard Business School and a job at the money-management firm Bridgewater Associates, Max Anderson ’01 finds himself in an enviable position. But the new M.B.A. is not taking the responsibilities of the business world lightly. Last week, he and more than 400 other Harvard Business School graduates (about half of the Class of 2009) promised "to serve the greater good" and made pledges on eight specific points, including pursuing work "in an ethical manner" and presenting performance and risks "accurately and honestly." Anderson, our Tiger of the Week, was the driving force behind this new M.B.A. Oath, a sort of Hippocratic Oath for business graduates.

The pledge is a response to unethical behavior in the business world, Anderson explained in a May 30 New York Times story. "We want to learn from those mistakes, do things differently, and accept our duty to lead responsibly," he told the newspaper. "Realistically, we have tremendous potential to affect society for better or worse. Let's humbly step up. We are looking out for our own interest, but also for the interest of our employees and the broader public."

(Photo courtesy Max Anderson ’01)

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