(Courtesy the Palette Fund)
Three years after his partner died of pancreatic cancer, nonprofit executive Terrence Meck ’00 is turning a deep personal loss into a significant public gain. Meck is the president and executive director of the Palette Fund, which honors the late Rand Harlan Skolnick, and this week, the group announced its second series of grants, totaling approximately $800,000, which will be distributed in 2011.  
Before his death Skolnick, a businessman and philanthropist, worked with Meck and a close friend, Peter Benassi, to outline his vision for funding organizations that do one of three things: promote nutrition and wellness; build inclusive environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth; or provide support to patients with serious illnesses. In the last three years, the project has followed that blueprint, awarding its first grants in 2010.  Skolnick’s legacy also has inspired a Point Foundation scholarship, presented to an LGBT student in medical school last year.
The 2011 grants mark another step forward for the Palette Fund. “From schools and homes to hospitals and homeless shelters, this year’s grantees impact almost every sector of our society,” Meck said in a release. “There could be no better testament to Rand’s legacy than the collective work of these organizations, which will be greatly enriched through our funding.”
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