Singing on the main stage at Carnegie Hall is a dream for most singers, and on Friday, that dream will come true for a dozen Princeton undergraduates.

The Tigertones, one of the University's best known a cappella groups, will perform at a charity concert benefiting the Melanoma Research Association. Yale's Whiffenpoofs and Harvard's Krokodiloes also will participate in the show, billed as "A Cappella for a Cure."

Tigertones senior Vinnie Murthy, who organized the concert, said that some current members have performed at a Carnegie's Stern Auditorium in large choirs. Previous generations of Tigertones have harmonized on the main stage, and the group had a concert in an adjacent recital hall two years ago. But for the current Tigertones, the May 7 performance will be a new experience.

"To be on that stage with 11 of your closest friends is a pretty daunting and exciting opportunity," Murthy said.

The Tigertones' set will feature a medley of college fight songs, arrangements of Van Morrison and Beatles tunes, and a few current pop songs. The Princeton, Yale, and Harvard students will join together for the night's finale.

Murthy said that the singers have been promoting the show to alumni, students, and supporters of melanoma research -- "anyone who might be interested in either the music or the cause, or both." The response has been positive so far. At least 100 Tigertones alumni are expected to attend, and about 120 undergraduates are slated to travel to the show in chartered buses.

Tickets for "A Cappella for a Cure" are available online at carnegiehall.org.