The Class of 2015 poses for its freshman photo. Click images to enlarge. (Photos: Frank Wojciechowski)
The Class of 2015 met on the steps of Blair Arch May 4 to pose for its freshman photo, reviving a tradition that had lapsed in recent years. To celebrate the revival, we’ve dusted off a copy of the freshman photo for another ’15 – the Class of 1915. The 1915 freshmen, on the steps of Whig Hall below, wore collars and neckties; this year’s crop favored T-shirts on a warm, sunny afternoon. Today's ’15ers also posed without the coating of flour and water that earlier freshmen received from mischievous sophomores who aimed to spoil the photo shoot. (That tradition died out in the 1920s; read more about it – and watch footage of one flour attack – on Reel Mudd, the video blog of the Mudd Manuscript Library.)


The Class of 1915 freshman photo, featuring a healthy dose of flour. Click to enlarge. (Photo: Courtesy Nassau Herald)