The University offered admission last month to 13 TRANSFER APPLICANTS, the same number admitted last year. The students had until May 21 to accept the offer of admission; last year nine enrolled.

The number of transfer applicants dropped by almost 30 percent to 1,003 in the second admission cycle since Princeton reinstated a transfer program. Of those offered admission, eight are on active U.S. military duty or have served in the military, and a majority attended two-year community colleges. Eight of those admitted are first-generation college students; five are women; and eight are men. Seven self-identified as students of color. 

Most of the students are expected to enter Princeton as sophomores, though faculty and college deans will determine standing after reviewing transfer credits. 

“The whole motivation of the transfer program was to bring students with a broader array of perspectives to Princeton, and it has certainly accomplished that,” said Keith Shaw, director of transfer, veteran, and non-traditional student programs.