Over the years, PAW has published essays and articles by Princeton faculty and alumni experts on some of the most urgent issues of the day. The surprising election of Donald Trump — and the expectation that it will bring great change to government and American institutions — made this a good time to do that again. On the following pages are essays on Trump and populism, race and class, a game plan for the media, polling and pundits, and the concerns of an undocumented immigrant — all by Princeton writers with uncommon expertise. We recognize that some readers will hold different views, and invite you to respond at paw.princeton.edu or email paw@princeton.edu. — Marilyn Marks *86, editor

• Nell Irvin Painter on the politics of race and class

• Jan-Werner Müller on Trump and populism

• Tom Bevan ’91 on polling

• Kathleen McCleery ’75 on Trump and the media

• Dan-el Padilla Peralta ’06 on immigration