In addition to the reception and smoker to be given in honor of President-elect Woodrow Wilson ’79 by the Princeton Alumni Association of the District of Columbia, at the New Willard Hotel in Washington on the evening of March 3rd, to which all Princeton alumni have been invited, the honor of escorting the President-elect from Princeton to Washington has been assigned to the Princeton undergraduates, by the Inaugural Committee at Washington. The undergraduate Woodrow Wilson Club is making the arrangements, which include two special trains from Princeton, - The Wilson Escort Special of day coaches, leaving Princeton at 11:00 a. m., March 3rd, and a special train of sleeping cars, leaving Princeton at 1:00 a. m., March 4th. Returning the specials will leave Washington at 7:30 p. m., March 4th, and 2:00 a. m., March 5th. The round trip rates range from $7.00 to $11.00, according as one travels entirely by day, or is on the train one or two nights.

The President-elect and his personal escort of undergraduates will leave Princeton on the first special at 11:00 a.m., March 3rd, arriving at Washington at 4:00 p. m. From the station the students will escort the President-elect to his headquarters at the Shoreham hotel. The next morning, inauguration day, with the Essex Troop of New Jersey, the undergraduates will escort Governor Wilson to the White House, where President Taft enters his carriage. The Inaugural Committee may also appoint the Princeton students to continue their personal escort of the Presidential carriage from the White House to the Capitol, where the oath of office is administered. In the Inaugural Parade immediately following, the Princeton undergraduates are to head the Intercollegiate Section, composed of delegations from the American universities and colleges. Concerning the participation of the undergraduates in the inauguration The Daily Princetonian says:

“Princeton has been placed in a unique, prominent position because of Governor Wilson’s intimate connection with the University in the past. The prominence of Princeton’s position in the Inaugural Ceremonies is due to this fact. The dignity and responsibility should be thoroughly appreciated. The press are following every action closely. Suitable response to the honor tendered Princeton is as essential as dignified behavior. It is of course understood that there will be no display of ‘college colors’ or ‘Rah, Rah tactics.’ This is an unprecedented opportunity which has come to us to witness and participate in the installation of our former President as chief executive of the nation.”

This was originally published in the February 12, 1913 issue of PAW.