Illustration: Steven Veach

Jobs in finance and management consulting continue to be top draws for Princeton graduates, with 35 percent of members of the Class of 2011 who had jobs six months after graduation working in those fields. 

The annual Career Services survey of the graduating class found that the field of finance alone drew 161 graduates. The Class of 2010 had reported 143 members with jobs in financial services three months after graduation (the timeframe for the survey changed this year). 

Nearly 62 percent of the Class of ’11 entered the working world, while 22.5 percent of the graduates were continuing their education by heading to graduate school or ­post-baccalaureate programs, roughly the same as last year. More than 10 percent of the graduates still were seeking jobs. 

The average salary for graduates who were employed ­fulltime was more than $62,000, a 5.5 percent increase from last year. Top average salaries were in computer programming ($94,700), hardware/software development ($93,000), and financial sales/trading ($82,500). Thirty-one percent of those working were in the nonprofit sector, which included educational, health care, and civic organizations.

Eighteen graduates joined Teach for America, 16 entered professional sports, and six joined the military.

Illustration: Steven Veach