There are new books this spring by Princeton men, - many of them. On February 2, the anniversary of Woodrow Wilson’s death, Harper and Brothers published in two volumes, under the title of “College and State,” a selection of public papers written by Mr. Wilson on educational, literary, and political subjects, between the years 1875 and 1913. Four other volumes are planned, covering the period from 1913 to 1923. The editors are Ray Stannard Baker, who was Director of the American Press Bureau at the Peace Conference, and William E. Dodd, Professor of American History at the University of Chicago and author of “Woodrow Wilson and His Work.” The bibliography has been compiled by Howard S. Leach, A.M. ’15.

Mr. Bakes has also been chose as Wilson’s biographer. The choice was made by Mr. Wilson himself in a letter which was dictated on January 2, 1924. The letter, however, was never sent in view of Mr. Wilson’s failing health and his death during the following week. It was subsequently made public by Mrs. Wilson, who has now turned over to Mr. Baker more than 30,000 of the late President’s letters, together with shorthand notes, personal typewritten memoranda, miscellaneous papers, and documents. Mr. Wilson had implicit confidence in Mr. Baker, as evidenced by the following extract from his letter: “Every time you disclose your mind to me you increase my admiration and affection for you…I am glad to promise you that, with regard to my personal correspondence and similar papers, I shall regard you as my preferred creditor, and shall expect to afford you the first, and if necessary exclusive, access to those papers. I would rather have your interpretation of them than that of anyone else I know.” Another new volume of Wilsoniana is “The Messages and Papers of Woodrow Wilson,” edited with an introduction by Albert Shaw, editor of the Review of Reviews.

This was originally published in the April 15, 1925 issue of PAW.