(This is a corrected version of an article published in the March 18, 2009, issue. The correction appears at the end of the story.)

Nassau Weekly

Nassau Weekly

Bill Rosenblatt ’83, president of WPRB’s board of trustees, said the station assumed Nassau Weekly debts of about $7,000 to the University and about $6,000 to The Princeton Packet Feb. 19. The deal “will give us an enormous campus presence that would be hard to get any other way,” he said.  

Rosenblatt said the Nassau Weekly staff members were concerned about maintaining their editorial independence, and said they will be able to “maintain their atmosphere of creativity.” He said there will be some sharing of content but noted that FCC regulations impose greater restraints on material that is broadcast over the airwaves.  

WPRB’s finances are “stable — we’re in good shape,” Rosenblatt said, pointing to two years of successful fund drives since the nonprofit station moved to a listener-supported business model. He said that unless the Nassau Weekly had received some form of financial assistance or “some massive fundraising,” the magazine faced the prospect of shutting down.

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