Moments before the start of Princeton's June 1 Commencement ceremony, PAW asked several graduates to describe their best day at Princeton. Here's what they said.


"Finishing my thesis. That was a lot of hard work, and once I turned that in I was like, 'OK, I'm pretty much done with the toughest thing I'm going to do at Princeton.'"

Jorge Reyes ’10, electrical engineering

i-b0568e9a6d5943134a862a7af4b3ca4e-glick.jpg"The day the politics softball team won the A-League championship -- we beat chemistry. ... In my department, some people will be proud and some people will be appalled that I just said that."

David Glick *10, politics


"I'm sticking with today. Today is definitely my biggest achievement."

Adam Harris ’10, politics

i-dcf44b7ee828af55fd7834c02100ad0d-mcclintock.jpg"The day I turned in my thesis. I'm sure that's a popular one."

Jane McClintock ’10, religion


"I guess the day that I found out that I passed my generals."

Chintan Hossain *10, physics

i-41210390ef2a15263d454e2fd4214fb1-hegermiller.jpg"We won [Eastern] Sprints and my airplane flew, all within two days. We designed and built a successful airplane. I guess I can't decide between those two things."

David Hegermiller ’10, mechanical and aerospace engineering

(Hegermiller is a member of the men's lightweight crew.)


"I would say, not turning in my thesis, but getting my thesis grade. That was a pretty good day."

Joel Peterson ’10, ecology and evolutionary biology

(Peterson earned an A for his thesis on cancer's effects on the brain.)

i-7b220be27c378afc55d7edb8e6d7efcd-tom.jpg"The first day of Math Camp. It was a world of possibilities. Is that too cheesy?"

Chris Tom *10, Woodrow Wilson School


"Winning the Ivy League championship with the swim team, senior year."

Evan Kelly ’10, electrical engineering

i-ca38f26f7802dd0503939461db6fd03c-keay.jpg"My last orgo exam, sophomore year. The sun was shining when we came out of the room."

Laura Keay ’10, chemistry


"The day I became employed. To know that I actually had something lined up next year -- that was probably the best day."

Randy Wang ’10, economics

(Wang will pursue investment banking in New York City.)