As someone who remained a childless bachelor until age 60, I was offended but not surprised by Yoram Hazony’s ’86 ad hominem attack on childless people who, he claims, are cluelessly out of touch with real life (“Crashing the Conservative Party,” January 2023).

I grew up in a working class family of two parents and five children. We did not have a lot of money. We had a house that was too small for us. I watched my parents love, work, and sacrifice for decades. I know what a family is.

Don’t be fooled. The conservative smear against childless people is an attempt to portray conservatives as holier-than-thou while they assassinate the characters of their opponents. These pious conservatives can then suppress wages, bust unions, let corporations trash the environment, cut regulations on banks, cut safety net programs and, above all, cut taxes for the rich while passing the resulting debt onto the middle and working classes.

All of which are anti-family.

Michael Comiskey *88
Connellsville, Pa.