Graham Turk’s use of “dangerous” to describe William Happer’s science-adviser position in the White House is itself dangerous — to Dr. Happer, who has received threats including, “You are an over-educated Nazi and deserve to hang.” There have also been threats over the years to his faculty standing (which have been commendably dismissed by Princeton). Professor John Christy of the University of Alabama had weapons fired through his office window after hours.

As to substance, I refer to Professor Christy’s congressional testimony showing the very large gap between the actual temperatures of the last 20 years and the forecasts of the computer models, as well as liberal Dr. Hans Rosling’s rebuke of climate alarmism in Factfulness. The 97 percent figure of scientists in consensus is greatly flawed. And the slam against Dr. Happer’s credentials borders on the juvenile. He is a recognized astrophysics expert with discovery of the sodium star (missile-defense and astronomy breakthroughs), past director of U.S. Energy Department research, and former head of our University’s research board, among other accomplishments. To suggest that he might have problems grasping climate science is absurd.

Kerry Brown ’74
Treasure Island, Fla.