Professor Ju’s opinion about EVs in the April issue is a bit confusing,  There are too many sources of information that answer yes to the question, “Are Electric Vehicles the Answer.” The fact is, just about every vehicle manufacturer in the entire world today has concluded that EVs are the answer.

Also, about the impact of fuel source, the total impact to the planet of vehicles needs to be analyzed end-to-end, not just on the fuel, but on the total life cycle of the vehicle. This includes manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and recycling.  Think of the environmental impact of refineries, iron mines, steel mills, gas stations, junk yards, and lithium recycling, for example.  And think of the healthcare benefits of reducing air pollution.

About self-driving cars, take McKinsey’s 2023 report, “Autonomous driving’s future: Convenient and connected.” Arguably the top consulting firm in the world believes we will solve these problems.

Let’s hear about how Princeton’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (my department) is helping solve some of the problems presented by EVs.

Larry Tuttle ’68
Ann Arbor, Mich.