Susan Shirk and Pauline Reich regret that Princeton forgot about them after they completed their Critical Languages year (feature, May 15). The solution could be to make them — and other CL students who wish — honorary members of their classes.

I came down from Williams to study Arabic in the Critical Languages Program in ’65–’66 and was delighted to be elected an honorary member of the great Class of ’67 a few years later. Since then, I pay class and Ivy Club dues, read PAW cover to cover, and attend Reunions. I am more attached to Princeton than to Williams.

As for Arabic, my business career focused on the Mideast, and I have just published the first volume of my Arabic short stories titled (translated) Hanna’s Diaries — Coming of Age in the Land of the Cedars, available at Shukran (thank you), Princeton!

John G. McCarthy Jr. h’67
Geneva, Switzerland