In Response to: The Giving Plea

I’m genuinely curious if alumni giving has studied how Princeton grads are doing when it comes to admission to prestigious grad schools. Gone are the days when all the prestigious law schools are recruiting from the Ivies. I just met up with a former employee of mine who earned his undergraduate degree online while working at Starbucks and now is studying at Yale Law School, a school I never would have dreamed of attending as I was not in the top 10% of my Princeton class. 

As more American students attend college, having a college degree has become devalued. And where one goes to graduate school has become more important. I am wondering if newly minted Princeton students are finding that their undergraduate degree is not opening the graduate doors that they would like, as that same degree did for classes of the past?

Personally, I agree with Peter Singer’s utilitarian approach and I send my money to organizations with more need: my local school district’s school lunch program, the local animal shelter, and I send as much as I can afford to Eastern Washington Planned Parenthood.

Liz Hallock ’02
Yakima, Wash.