When entering in any sense whatsoever an old institution — a prestigious university, a cathedral, a museum of note, whatever — as a member or associate of sorts one will of course find things in the past that can be labeled racist, insensitive, barbaric, out-of-date indeed, and troubling to the tender consciences of the very young and not so young. The proper attitude of ladies and gentlemen would be in my view to interiorize your feelings and not mention them to others.

Should Jews for example visit Catholic sites with a desire to shout the truth of anti-Semitism in those venues? Or Catholics to remark in some places in Holland that Catholics were murdered there by Protestants, or vice versa by Protestants in central Paris where Catholic authorities killed them? Terrible examples, but ones which are more easily forgiven perhaps than childish offense at minor things in one’s hearing or sight. In other words, grow up!

Norman Ravitch *62
Savannah, Ga.